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Warriors' Providence (Cadi Warriors Book 2)(9)

By´╝ÜStephanie West

"Is that my galaxy?" Providence exclaimed.

"No I believe you call that the Andromeda galaxy."


Providence stared at the spiral cluster in amazement. She didn't know much about space but what little she did know was screaming that she was already impossibly far from Earth. How would she manage to get home now?

One tear fell onto her cheek followed by another, then another, as Providence's imagined her father barking orders at the search and rescue squads, tirelessly hunting the Atlantic Ocean for her. Her father and crew would wear themselves out needlessly. She pictured her mother's face, broken and in tears for her baby girl. Flop's wedding would be overshadowed by this wild nonsense. Providence hoped her silly sweet friend didn't postpone the event to hunt for a body they would never find.

Providence nearly broke out in hysterical laughter as she realized she'd gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle. So there was merit in those crazy superstitions after all.

"There is a portal at the edge of this galaxy that will carry us across the universe to the quadrant where a planet very similar to Earth is located. The atmosphere is mild, and the plants and animals are similarly evolved to what you are used to. Nothing like the giant reptiles of your ancient history." Cila spoke excitedly capturing Providence's attention.

The woman may have been upset by being ripped from her home, but from the way she described the new world, it was obvious Cila had an adventuresome side too.

As much as Providence wanted to wallow in misery she was finding it hard not to smile at the alien female. Cila was making the best of this situation, granted she had longer to cope with all the changes her own people had forced on her. But if she could do it so could Providence.

"So wormholes are real?"

"Oh yes." Zer replied. "Your people have already discovered a simple version of these portals in your own orbit. Although those portals only lead to the sun at the center of your galaxy. I think if your people were to concentrate on more than just their differences they might be more advanced than they are."

"See this is why our people should be more involved." Cila said to her mate.

"Cila we must allow a species to figure out some things on their own." Zer reasoned.

"Well then why get involved in the first place?" Providence interjected.

Cila tilted her head at her mate as if to say 'Yeah answer that one.' Providence almost laughed. She couldn't help but like the alien female.

"Your human mythology tells the tale of a boat built by a man, to rescue his people and animals from a worldwide flood." Zer said.

"Are you saying this is Noah's Ark?" Providence asked incredulously.

"That is the best I can offer you." Zer shrugged. "I'm going to go check on our other passengers." Zer said then left the bridge.

Providence had a feeling the male was exhausted by her.

"It is nice to talk to another female." Cila smiled. "I think it will make things easier once we arrive at the colony."

"How long till we get there?"

"Another day based on your time."

"That is fast." Providence was amazed at how short the voyage was since they were obviously travelling a vast distance.

"Yes it is fast, but we are using up a great amount of a very rare energy source. That is one reason I will never see my home."

"Oh. Will we be passing near your galaxy?"

"No, my home galaxy is even further away from the colony than yours is."

"I'm sorry."

"I keep telling myself that in the distant future what I have helped to do will matter."

"I'm sure it will." Providence smiled wanly. She decided to change the subject to something less depressing. "I used to fly planes. How does this ship work?"

"It is really very simple. I know it looks complex compared to your technology, but from what I've studied of your craft I think this would be easier to handle. Before this mission I was only familiar with atmospheric vessels." Cila explained.

"I imagine it's all in knowing what the different readouts mean."

"Yes. This display here shows the proximity of any object or approaching vessel. This vessel, like most I've seen, is programmed to avoid collision. It practically flies itself."

"What is that?" Providence pointed at the panel.

"That shows engine power. Anything above this level is good at this point in our voyage. This here projects how much energy we will expend to reach our destination. See how it is above this level. If it were any lower, it would mean we would need to find a closer planet that could support us till we can call for assistance."

An hour later when Zer walked back in, Providence was sitting in the pilot's seat running the alien ship.