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Warriors' Providence (Cadi Warriors Book 2)(7)

By´╝ÜStephanie West

Providence walked up to the giant map and pointed to Cocoa Beach.

"That is too close to the area your flying vessels congregate." Zer stated.

"Well as close to here as possible. There's a hospital near here." Providence pointed to another location.

"That will be acceptable. We will place him on shore."

"Please make sure the tide doesn't wash him out to sea while he's unconscious." Providence begged the alien.

"He will be on land in the inflatable vessel you were carrying. I will observe till he either rouses or your kind have located him." Zer replied.

"Thank you."

Providence watched as Zer exited. She wanted to run after the alien and beg the creature to let her go too. The intensity of nearly crashing then being sucked into an alien vessel was starting to overwhelm her. She found herself starting to hyperventilate, bright spots twinkling at the edges of her vision. She had to reel it in or she was going to pass out.

"Is there someplace I can sit please?" Providence asked Cila.

"We have sleeping quarters for you if you like."

"No!" Providence said suddenly. She was exhausted but there was no way in hell she was going to sleep and potentially miss an opportunity to get free. "Actually can I watch Zer take Todd ashore?"

Providence was hoping they would use the ship she'd seen beneath the large dome. Maybe once Todd was safely loaded, she could force her way onto the smaller craft. She hadn't seen any other aliens, and though they were tall, they didn't look that strong.

Providence wandered over to where the door had been, but the frosted glass refused to open automatically, the way it had for Zer. She was trapped unless she wanted to attack Cila and force the alien to open the door. Unfortunately Providence couldn't bring herself to act on that notion. If she did, she might put the other sleeping humans on board at risk.

"You can sit here and observe." Cila pointed to a seat in front of the large screen.

Providence growled in frustration as she sat in one of the molded chairs. Her feet didn't touch the floor since it was made for the lanky aliens. Several minutes passed and Providence saw a light shoot out in front of the massive ship. Cila followed the smaller craft getting a close-up view.

"Cila don't you ever feel bad about taking people against their will?" Providence asked.

"Yes however I would feel worse if your people went extinct. We have seen it happen before." Cila considered her sympathetically. "But I am sorry. It was devastating when I was chosen for this mission and had to leave my family behind, but at least I was able to be with my male. Are you mated?"

"No. Is Zer your mate?"

"Yes he is. I am glad you are not mated. You don't have offspring do you?"

Well that answered one of Providence's numerous questions. She had wondered if Cila was female but wasn't sure. Their differences were slight. For all she knew they could be sexless.

"No Cila, I am only leaving behind my friends, parents and sisters." Providence replied sadly.

"There will be many of your kind at the colony. Do not fear. I promise you we mean you no harm."

Providence appreciated the alien's altruistic mission, but there had to be a better way of going about it.

"I'm not really afraid. I'm angry that I wasn't given a choice." Providence argued.

"In that we are the same." Cila nodded solemnly.

"You know there are better ways to find people willing to go to a new planet." Providence thought about all the sci-fi fanatics.

"I imagine there are, but we didn't create the protocol."

"I guess every species has its bureaucrats." Providence groused.

Providence's attention was drawn back to the wide screen. She repressed the tears that wanted to fall as Todd was deposited in the raft and safely jettisoned ashore. None of the people noticed the small alien vessel lurking in the surf as they surrounded the groggy airman on the beach.

Zer returned not long after and strode onto the bridge.

"Your companion is safe. How is everything?" Zer asked Cila still looking concerned that Providence wasn't safely asleep in some freaky space pod.

"All is well. We were discussing our mutual frustration with how the colony has been established." Cila informed her mate.

"Cila!" Zer exclaimed. Clearly the male was the type that followed orders without question.

"Zer I understand the necessity but don't try to convince me to be happy about spending the rest of my days on a distant planet where I won't see my offspring grow and have young of their own."

"That is awful!" Providence said.

Providence was quickly realizing that she wasn't the only one being asked to make a sacrifice.

"Cila I know but..."