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Warriors' Providence (Cadi Warriors Book 2)(6)

By´╝ÜStephanie West

Cila smiled at Providence. "No ill effects from the quarantine vapor."

Providence nodded. That explained the odd sterile smell. It's probably what had knocked out Todd, though the aliens didn't admit as much.

"So would it be too much to ask that you drop us off on the shore?" Providence asked.

Cila looked quizzically at Zer.

"Well little human you have seen us. That is outside of protocol for subjects we return to the surface."

Horror set in the instant the words fell from Zer's mouth. She should have played dead.

"Her bio scan shows that she is suitable for the colony." Cila stated.

"Shit, shit, shit." Providence's mind screamed.

Were they seriously suggesting what she thought they were?

"Are you abducting me? I'll let you know right now that seeing you has had no ill effect on me whatsoever. I'm not ignorant, nor am I vain enough to think we are alone in the universe. I've always believed others existed, just never met an alien. You know this is a shitty way to go about inter-species diplomacy!" Providence practically growled as she jumped to her feet and crowded towards the far wall.

Every horror movie featuring aliens surfaced in her mind and she started to panic.

"You are correct it is shitty." Zer stated borrowing her term. "However we have studied your people and have noted your violent tendencies, so diplomacy is difficult. Despite that fact our people have deemed your kind acceptable for seeding the galaxy. In fact your statement regarding intelligence just proves how suitable you are. We need humans in the colony that can accept us."

"What are you talking about?" Providence insisted. Her mind was racing too fast to process.

"Based on the environmental conditions of your planet from overpopulation and misuse of resources, along with the geological record of catastrophic asteroid activity, we are concerned your people are going to be eradicated. So we have been collecting suitable members of your species to start a colony. The screening of your DNA indicates you are a suitable subject for that colony." Zer calmly explained as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Providence's mouth hung open before she regained her wits.

"And if I am unwilling to go play Eve in your clandestine Garden of Eden?" Providence yelled.

"We will place you in stasis as we have the other subjects."

Providence stood in shock. This couldn't possibly be happening to her. Providence didn't know what to do. It didn't seem to matter that she didn't want to go wherever they planned on taking her. She debated lashing out at the duo, but didn't know how many other aliens were on the ship, nor what weapons they might have. All she knew was that if she was unconscious, she'd never find a way off the spaceship.

"Don't knock me out, I'll behave." Providence conceded but didn't voice the fact that it was only a temporary truce.

Zer looked at her dubiously. He obviously wasn't a fool.

"I would like to be able to talk to a female of your species." Cila said with a smile.

"Fine but know that if you become threatening, you will be put to sleep for the remainder of the voyage."

"Yes." Providence tried not to growl. It was hard for her to wait and not act, but these people had the upper hand. "What about Todd?" Providence gestured to the man sleeping on the floor.

"He is unsuitable for our needs. He will be released on shore as you requested."

"Oh thank god." Providence closed her eyes. Todd had a wife and kids. It was bad enough she was being taken against her will, but it would be a real tragedy if he went missing. "Thank you." Providence told her captors in earnest.

"Come. What is your name?" Cila twittered.

"Providence." She replied as she followed Cila out of the frosted glass holding room with a final look at Todd. She hoped the aliens hadn't been lying to her.

Zer followed her looking just as concerned by the fact she was roaming free.

"I am Cila and this is Zer." Cila formerly introduced them. "Our people call themselves the Miran Sona."

Providence nodded to acknowledge she heard, but couldn't bring herself to say 'nice to meet you' because it wasn't.

Providence's mouth hung open when she saw the giant cavernous interior of the spaceship. It held cargo and a smaller ship the size of a minivan.

"How do you travel about undetected in this behemoth?" Providence asked as she looked up at the transparent domed ceiling that rivaled the Pantheon of Rome.

"We stay beneath your ocean during the day." Cila replied. "Come you can show us where would be best to deposit your companion."

Providence took a final glance at the large vaulted interior as they passed through another thick set of frosted glass doors which slid shut behind them. This room reminded Providence of a cockpit but on a far grander scale. On the far wall was a long window looking out into the star lit night. Providence watched as Cila tapped on a console and an image of the southern Florida coastline came into view.