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Warriors' Providence (Cadi Warriors Book 2)(5)

By´╝ÜStephanie West

Both men looked at each other then started laughing as they recalled the randy things they'd overheard.

2 The Greater Good


Providence lay stunned in the unidentified flying vessel as the bright light around her dimmed to a more manageable level. She blinked, allowing her eyes to adjust as she looked over to see Todd unconscious a dozen feet away. Part of Providence wanted to curl up, close her eyes and give in to the drowsy sensation that washed over her. This had to be a dream. That's what it was, all a dream.

Except the way the cool glossy metal floor felt beneath her palms, and how the lingering spots danced in her vision, from the now absent bright light, it was all too crisp. Even the air had an odd scent, an antiseptic quality that she could almost taste. Her dreams were never in technicolor, not like this.

Providence scrambled over to Todd's prone form. He was breathing, his pulse was steady, and he didn't appear to have any injuries on his head to explain his state.

"No Kim five more minutes." Todd grumbled as Providence checked to make sure he didn't have any broken bones.

"Is he seriously sleeping?" Providence looked at the man incredulously.

How in the hell could he be dozing like a baby while they were on some crazy ass vessel. Providence gripped his shoulders and shook the man.

"Wake up." Nothing.

"ATTENTION!" Providence bellowed in her best drill sergeant voice, which usually snapped most soldiers out of anything.

But still the man didn't rouse.

Providence glanced again at her surroundings. She had to figure out what the fuck was going on.

The room they were in was enclosed with frosted glass. The floor and ceiling a glossy metallic gray that was cool to touch. Light glowed from the ceiling as if the metal itself radiated energy. Beyond that the room was a box with no discernible doors. It looked straight out of some futuristic horror movie.

Before Providence had a chance to start panicking, she heard voices and saw a shadow approach the glass. She instantly froze, like a rabbit caught in the garden, lying a foot from Todd. She kept her eyes open, focusing on the shadow on the other side of the frosted glass wall.

As a crack formed and the wall split Providence debated closing her eyes and playing opossum, but she had to know who she was dealing with. So instead Providence let her gaze go blank, pretending to be one of those creepy people that slept with their eyes open. She was very careful not to change her focus as a figure stepped into view.

The figure was tall, NBA basketball player tall, with long slender arms and legs. The person was so pale it was nearly white as a sheet. The creamy yellow jumpsuit it wore almost seemed garish against its fair skin. Providence noted the little tuft of a mohawk on the strange person's head. She also saw the creature had solid, dark, almond-shaped eyes situated above a little button nose. If she hadn't been certain before that she was on an alien vessel, she was damn sure now.

The figure approached Providence twittering a tune and looking calm. Providence wondered if the odd alien was speaking or humming. The alien reached out to take Providence's arm holding a device in its hand.

Providence was no longer willing to play the compliant abductee. Providence yanked her arm free and quickly scrambled back.

The alien squealed in surprise. Suddenly a second taller figure entered the room. This one entirely bald.

"Calm human." The second creature held up his hand. Providence could see the alien had only a thumb and three fingers.

The alien touched the first one's shoulder with what Providence assumed was a grimace, though with its narrow lips it was hard to say.

"Are you okay Cila?"

"I am fine Zer." The first alien, Cila, nodded. "Just startled. I thought she was asleep."

"Well apparently not." Zer replied as he glanced back at Providence. "Human female I apologize for the circumstances that bring you here. It seems our vessel had an unfortunate effect on your craft."

Providence didn't quite know what to say, so she just nodded.

"Cila make sure the male is unharmed." Zer instructed.

Providence watched as Cila kneeled, placed the handheld tool against the back of Todd's hand for an instant, and then rose up again.

"He is unharmed." Cila nodded.

"Good." Zer replied. "Now please human female let us confirm that you are also well."

Providence didn't want to anger the aliens since up to this point they seemed contrite for the harm their presence had caused to her plane. Plus if she was ever going to get off this ship she needed to be as non-threatening as possible. Todd seemed to be just fine, so she held out her hand. Cila approached and held the device against her skin. There was a mild tingle, but that was it.