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Warriors' Providence (Cadi Warriors Book 2)(4)

By´╝ÜStephanie West

"I don't believe... no female..." Madhava shook his head in disbelief.

Just then as if to prove Dagaa's point an arduous cry rang out.

"Fuck yes!" Giselle's muffled voice declared.

Dagaa nearly laughed as Madhava's jaw practically hit the floor.

"Come on my friend. I can see none of us are going to get any sleep tonight." Dagaa said as he rose up from the bed and threw on a pair of boots. "I think I saw a pub down the street. We might as well go have a drink."


Dagaa and Madhava exited the stone fortress that had once been Vigdis' abode in Scelus Cadi. This was the largest and first city on Kagan's tour of the former enemy territory.

"We're going down the street to the pub. Notify me if anything is amiss." Madhava instructed one of his men.

Madhava and several other trusted warriors, formerly of Vigdis' army, were stationed throughout the large manor. They had been charged with guarding Kagan quo Rordan and the Vidya Cadi warriors he'd brought into the heart of Scelus territory. It was an honor Madhava took seriously.

The fact that Kagan trusted Madhava, his former enemy, was humbling. Madhava could easily betray Kagan, now that the Daimio and his men were vastly outnumbered. However that is not what Madhava desired. Kagan was not the tyrant Vigdis had been. When Kagan requested Madhava act as an adviser and ambassador while he traveled throughout Scelus Cadi, rallying the people to his cause, Madhava had been unable to refuse the opportunity.

Madhava nodded to Scelus citizens he and Dagaa passed in the street as he thought of all that had transpired in the last few months.

They were dawning on a new age. He hoped the people of both Scelus and Vidya Cadi could set aside their differences and move forward as a unified people. Half of the citizens couldn't even tell you why the centuries long war had been fought in the first place. Such foolish nonsense.

Madhava felt certain the right warrior, Kagan quo Rordan, had won the battle. Listening to the Daimio speak and watching him in action had convinced Madhava, Kagan was honorable and had the planet's best interest at heart. Never once had tales of abuse leaked from the Vidya Cadi territory. Even the Toufik slaves of Vidya Cadi had been well fed and appeared content.

At least that is what Madhava had believed up until tonight when the sounds from the room next door had greeted him. Madhava didn't want to believe that the leader he thought was honorable was abusing his supposed mate.

Madhava had witnessed his former Daimio force gentle females one too many times. He'd even been compelled to hold the poor women while they were subjected to horrific abuse. The only thing that kept Madhava in line was the knowledge that his sister would suffer far worse if he had ever betrayed Vigdis.

Madhava sighed, grateful that those days were over.

Madhava shook his head in disbelief at what he'd overheard as he and Dagaa entered the small drinking establishment. He had a hard time believing a female could make such noises in the throes of passion, but clearly Giselle hadn't been in distress as he'd thought. The fact such a small creature could take on such a large warrior was mind boggling.

There were several Vidya Cadi warriors from Kagan's party already in the pub, mixing with the local warriors. The atmosphere was welcoming and light. Madhava sat next to Dagaa at a table in the corner of the bar, so they could soak up the unprecedented sight.

"Did you ever think you'd see the day?" Dagaa gestured to the crowd.

"No, I really didn't. I always assumed I'd die in battle or Vigdis would have my head on a pike for some trumped up reason." Madhava shook his head at the turn of events.

A waitress approached and took their order with a shy smile. Dagaa gave her a broad grin in return, making the female's cheeks turn a deeper shade of red. Ladies seemed to favor Dagaa everywhere they went, and Dagaa returned their interest. Females didn't smile at Madhava the same way. In fact the waitress took one look at Madhava and rushed off to get their drinks.

"You know if you smiled you grim bastard they might not run off." Dagaa nudged him with his boot.

"Doubtful." Madhava smirked. "This is not what the females are looking for." He gestured to his scarred face.

The nasty mark along Madhava's face along with the numerous others earned in battle seemed to frighten women. That along with his reputation made it near impossible to catch a female's eye. Females wanted a warrior that could be gentle with them, who didn't look frightening. They didn't want a constant reminder of how brutal males could be. Madhava doubted he had a gentle bone in his body. He'd seen and done way too much in his life.

"Giselle said that scars are attractive on a male." Dagaa shrugged.

"Yeah well Giselle is clearly not normal." Madhava grunted.