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Warriors' Providence (Cadi Warriors Book 2)(3)

By´╝ÜStephanie West

"Dad would've mentioned if the Air Force was testing something new in the area." Providence mumbled to herself.

Still she rose up. Providence glanced towards Todd to see that he too was being pulled up by the same updraft. Except if they were caught up if the massive craft's updraft their chutes would've tangled and whipped them about.

Something was seriously FUBAR with this situation.

As the vessel loomed closer, Providence could see it was beyond huge. It more than dwarfed the biggest airbus she'd ever seen.

"Holy Shit."

The realization struck Providence like a slap to the face. Of course she didn't recognize the plane, no one would, at least not on earth.

"No fucking way!"


"I'll be damned if I'm going to put up with another sick bastard for a Daimio."

Dagaa pulled his head out from under the pile of blankets as Madhava stormed into his room cursing. The male looked pissed as hell.

"I thought Kagan was different. At least Vigdis never hid the fact that he was an evil prick!" Madhava clenched his fists as he paced the room, his long black hair a wild tangled mess. "I'm about to break down that door and..."

"Whoa. Hold up." Dagaa raised his hand to halt Madhava's mutinous tirade.

It was strange how quickly they'd gone from adversaries to allies. Madhava had been Vigdis quo Carnager's second in command, while Dagaa was Kagan quo Rordan's right-hand man. Dagaa and Madhava had fought on opposite sides of the bloody, centuries long civil war, which only just came to an end.

The protracted war might never have ended if it weren't for a strange little human female that wound up on Cadi. Dagaa first saw Giselle at the Cadi slave auction. Usually they only auctioned off the Toufik, a simian breed. Giselle was an odd creature that none of them had ever seen before. She was too small to be a beast of burden, like the Toufik, so she was sold as a pet.

To everyone's surprise her species was highly intelligent despite the differences between their races. Giselle was pale unlike the ruddy skinned Cadi, with flaxen not black hair. She stood barely taller than chest high and lacked a tail or fangs. But her delicate stature was a ruse. The female was a warrior at heart. Their leader, Kagan, had fallen for her instantly.

Giselle hailed from a planet called Earth that had seen more war in its past than even Cadi. It was her unique perspective and advice that made it possible to corner Vigdis' army once and for all.

However it was the male currently pacing Dagaa's bedroom that cast the final blow against his own Daimio. Madhava wasn't without honor as Dagaa was learning. At first it had been difficult to trust his former enemy, but Madhava had been trapped in a no-win situation with a vicious leader.

The decimation of an entire metropolis had been the straw that broke Madhava's back, turning him against his former leader. Madhava struck Vigdis down in the final battle, before the tyrant could kill Giselle, earning himself a reprieve and Kagan's undying gratitude.

A loud female cry followed by a male growl reverberated through the wall from next door, bringing Dagaa back to the reason Madhava stormed angrily into his room.

"I won't sit by and listen to that male abuse his bonded mate. Kagan claims she's not a pet or a slave but then he mistreats her." Madhava railed as he pointed to the wall separating Dagaa's room from Kagan's.

"Easy friend." Dagaa tried to interject.

"You're her Second. Are you going to stand by and do nothing?" Madhava continued, his face twisted with mounting rage. "I put up with enough of this shit from Vigdis and couldn't do a damn thing about it. It won't do that again!"

"Sit down!" Dagaa growled, and then groaned. It was doubtful he would get a lick of sleep tonight.

The noise coming from the next room was why Dagaa slept with his head under a pillow. Kagan and Giselle were noisy to say the least. Clearly it was Madhava's first time being holed up this close to the amorous couple. Dagaa did his best to avoid staying near them, but sometimes it wasn't possible.

"I guarantee you Kagan is not abusing Giselle." Dagaa insisted.

Madhava opened his mouth to object till Dagaa raised his hand to silence the warrior.

"I'm going to tell you something, but if you breathe a word of it I'll cut off your tail." Dagaa threatened Madhava. "Giselle is nothing like Cadi females, you've seen that. Hell, the female carries warrior's ink on her back. Believe it or not, her wild nature extends into the bedroom. She likes it rough. Those are her words not mine."

Madhava's eyes widened.

"Yeah. If you think they're loud now just wait till we have to camp and there's only a canvas wall instead of stone blocking out the sounds. Why do you think I'm laying here with blankets piled over my head?" Dagaa asked.