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Warriors' Providence (Cadi Warriors Book 2)(2)

By´╝ÜStephanie West

"I'm on it let’s go." Providence jumped up thankful for the reprieve.

"Are you sure Angel?" Her dad looked down at her drink.

"Yeah, this is my first beer. Sorry guys I'm sure you'll be just fine without me. Congrats again Flop."

"Good luck hunting Angel." Jake hollered as she followed her father out.

"Is there really a missing boat or did you sense I needed an out?" Providence bumped into her dad playfully.

"Unfortunately it’s not a ruse." Her dad shook his head grimly.

Two hours later Providence was staring at the controls of the Hercules rescue plane as they cruised over the Atlantic. She monitored the altitude as the last airman leapt from the cargo bay along with the rescue gear needed for the sinking ship located below.

Providence smiled as she radioed the coast guard with the sinking ship's location. This was why she did this job. Hopefully the squad could pull the crew of the fishing vessel out of the water without any casualties.

"Hot damn airman, they don't call you Angel for nothing. You homed in on that ship like nobody's business." Her copilot, Todd, rallied.

Providence's grin broadened at the man's excitement. She did have a knack for hunting down a target. Half of it was training, but another part of it was instinct. This was what she was born to do. Providence enjoyed the adrenalin rush and how her duty pushed her boundaries. But more than that, she treasured the ability to help others out of the worst possible moment in their lives. It was a gift to her as much as it was a reprieve to those she helped. There was something transcendental about reaching out and touching others in their moment of need. It was a blessing and an honor to be permitted and trusted to have such a profound lasting effect on someone's fate.

The pararescuers were called angels and in a sense it was as true. Providence believed God granted people with the ability and opportunity to be the mythical thing they believed in. All they had to do was take up a cause greater than themselves. Providence had been imbued with the ability and drive to do just that. And like her father said 'To whom much is given, from him much is expected.' She strove to live up to that ideal.

Providence glanced up at a bright light that appeared in the distance. It was the brightest spot in the sky, out shining even the moon.

"What the hell! There's no one else registered for this flight path." Todd said staring through the cockpit window as the pattern of lights got larger.

"You don't think it's a drug runner do you?" Providence asked as she adjusted their course.

"No it's too big." Todd said.

Providence listened as he radioed in the unidentified craft. Suddenly their plane stalled.

"Fuck!" Providence bellowed.

There was no reason for the loss of thrust. Engine pressure and fuel levels had been great just moments ago. Providence tapped the gauges in disbelief. Was there a fire in the electronics somewhere? She didn't smell burning plastic.

"Are we seriously going to bite it over the Bermuda Triangle?" Todd yelled as they scrambled to bring the engines back online.

The strange unidentified plane loomed closer. But that was the least of their concerns as the Hercules continued to lose altitude. The situation looked grim as fuck. Nothing Providence or Todd did kick started the plane, even power to the radio had cut out.

Providence took a deep calming breath even though she was losing her shit.

"I think it's time to bail." Todd announced as he unbuckled from his seat.

Providence agreed with an exaggerated nod. She followed her copilot, gripping the seats and hull wall as she struggled to reach the emergency chutes. Todd strapped on a parachute and grabbed a couple flares as Providence shrugged on a similar pack, hefted an inflatable raft and cracked open the door.

"Ready? I'll follow you." Todd yelled over top of the roaring wind that whipped past the plane.

Providence jumped into the nearly pitch black sky. She glanced at the glowing altimeter on her wrist then quickly yanked the ripcord on her chute. Any lower and their chutes would've been useless. Providence shuddered at the thought of slamming into the water as her parachute ballooned out and tugged her out of the downward descent. She glanced up and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Todd's billowing white chute silhouetted against the sky.

"Thank you Jesus!" Providence whooped with a fist pump.

Suddenly the surrounding light amplified tenfold. The whipping wind eerily died down to nothing. Providence glanced again at her watch. Not only was she no longer falling at a steady rate but she was rising. Providence's eyes shot up to see the unidentified plane had moved nearly overhead.

Pale blue lights were dotted along the exterior of the bizarre craft with a large brighter one in the center. It didn't look like any rescue or drug running craft she'd ever seen, though she could only make out a dim shadow of the giant hull.