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Warriors' Providence (Cadi Warriors Book 2)(10)

By´╝ÜStephanie West

"What is going on?" Zer exclaimed.

"Flying a spaceship." Providence grinned.

"Cila this is outside of protocol."

"It's not like I was going to let Providence maneuver the portal." Cila insisted.

"Yes but if she wanted to cause us harm."

"Relax Zer. I'm not going to risk all the people I know you have aboard and I know there's not enough fuel to turn this thing around and go back home. I'm not that selfish and I'm not a fool."

Zer grimaced at her rebuke.

"I am sorry. We were taught to expect irrational behavior."

"I get it. Believe me if I thought there was any possible way to go home, I would. If anything Cila showing me how to fly your ship has kept me from doing anything stupid. So don't be mad at her."

"I think I'll take over from here." Zer insisted so Providence got up reluctantly.

"You want a tour of the ship?"

"I'd like that, but I'd also like to see what a wormhole looks like."

"Zer can you let us know when we get to the portal?"

Zer's expression softened as he nodded to his mate.

Providence was in awe of the ship and a bit jealous of such advanced technology. The vessel was carrying mostly cargo for the new colony in the domed storage bay. The other areas of the spaceship extended off the central dome like spokes on a wheel. The ship was so massive she'd only seen a fraction of it when Cila's communicator beeped.

"We are at the portal if you want to witness our passage. It’s not really much to look at." Zer announced.

The two females rushed back to the bridge despite Zer's less than exciting description. The man unlike his mate was kind of a wet blanket.

When Providence stepped onto the bridge, she stopped and stared. Zer was right, the portal wasn't much to look at, and yet it was still amazing. It looked like a rippling fold in space. Providence could clearly see the stars from this galaxy behind the odd rift, but it was like she was looking at them through a sliver of water. The ship steadily approached the wormhole and before she knew it they were passing the cusp. Lights on the display console started blinking frantically.

"Is that normal?"

"Yes the ship is processing as fast as it can since we are already travelling further than we have since coming from your planet." Cila reassured her.

Starlight whipped past the screen at a dizzying speed as the ship barreled through the portal. Providence was amazed at the implication. Had any human ever witnessed such a sight? They broke through the wormhole in a matter of minutes and everyone in the room sighed in relief.

No sooner had they cleared the portal than an alarm started blaring. Providence glanced at the console to see a blip rapidly approaching on the proximity display.

"What is that?" Providence asked.

"It's another ship." Zer replied looking serious.

Providence imagined meeting any new species would be a concern.

"Zer it appears to be more than one vessel." Cila said as she looked at the display.

They looked at the screen to see three small vessels approaching them.

Ping, ping, ping.

"They are hailing us." Cila took a seat beside Zer and tapped on the console. "This identifies them as the Jurou Biljana. They are merchants in this sector."

The screen flickered and suddenly a giant iguana appeared. The reptilian creature was tall like Cila and Zer, with green scaly skin and yellow slitted eyes. He perused the three of them.

Providence could hardly believe it. She'd just met one alien now here was a whole nother species.

"Did you open the frequency?" Cila asked.

"No." Zer replied uncomfortably.

That wasn't encouraging.

"Translate." Zer instructed the ship.

"Greetings. We noted your ship exiting the portal. We have traded with your people before and propose to trade again." The overgrown reptile's words came through the computer.

It was bizarre to hear the translation layered over the creature's hissing voice. Cila leaned over to Zer.

"The ship log says that these people are also flesh merchants." Providence heard Cila whisper.

Providence's eyes widened as she looked at the slavers. If she thought the Miran Sona were despicable, she was wrong.

"We have nothing to trade at this time." Zer replied to the Jurou Biljana.

"Ah but we can see that you do." The overgrown reptile hissed as his creepy eyes zeroed in on Providence.

"We are not interested in selling our companion." Cila stated sternly.

"As you wish, but keep us in mind for the future." The creature replied.

The screen flickered off and Providence shoulders relaxed. She watched the three blips pass by on the ship's monitor.

Suddenly there was rapid movement on the display and an alarm blared. Providence heard a thunderous sound echo through the ship and she felt a jarring motion shudder beneath her feet.